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Stringed instruments > Lutes > Jurukélé

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  • Monochord calabash half-spike lute of the Fulbe people in Burkina Faso, more specifically of the riimaaybe, 'descendants of the captives', belonging to a specific stratos of fulbe society, 'dispossessed of their cultural origins after having been captured during wars or raids, or purchased from neighbouring posers by the Fulbe... The descendants of the captives work the land in direct usufruct. The musical practices of the different social groups remain clearly differentiated. The riimaaybe musicians are more or less seasonal specialists, they only play for their own festivities, well distinct from those of the Fulbe' Sandrine Loncke, Burkina Faso. The voice of the Fulbe / La voix des Peuls, CD Le Chant du monde CNR 274 1079, 1997, CD notes, p. 25-26, 35-36

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  • Jurkel


  • 2015-08-02

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  • to be translated (en)

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